Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Princess and the Halloween Ball

So, I'm officially behind. Halloween was two weeks ago and I still haven't posted any pictures or blogged!!!

Halloween this year was very simple and easy. Zoe is not quite to the age of trick or treating yet, or it might be that I'm not ready for her to be yet... The day started with Zoe not wanting to wear her Halloween costume and wanting to wear her cheerleader costume. I had to beg her to wear it!! She ended up being ok with it once I had her all dressed and she looked soo cute!!! She is my little Princess! Here is a pic from the morning:
Nick had to work, tattooing all the crazies!! So My parents, (Mom & Shane and Dad & Suzanne) My grandma, (we call her Grammie Hammie) Zoe and I went to dinner at my ALL time favorite mexican food place in GP, Monterys Little Mexico. Then we went to Halloween Nights at Lonestar Park. It's done by the same peeps that do Prairie Lights @ Joe Pool Lake. It didn't cost much and there was tons of fun things for kids to do. Zoe had a blast!! They had a really creepy tunnel-o-spiders that Zoe didn't like at all. She cried everytime I got her remotely close to one of the BIG fake furry spiders, which I found terribly funny so I kept doing it! I know I'm not mother of the year this year, but it was really funny!

This is Zoe right before we left for dinner. Isn't she soo cute!!!!

This picture is inside the tunnel-o-spiders. Look at her DEATH grip on my shoulder!!!


Zoe played every game they had, so she could win lots of candy and prizes! She even got us playing so we could win her prizes!!!

They had face painting. So of course she had to get her face painted. She got a butterfly. She loves butterflies! (She gets one everytime she gets her face painted)

It was alot of fun for everyone to be apart of Zoe's Halloween. She loves being with her family and she had a great time!

After we left Halloween Nights, we went to the tattoo shop to see Daddy! She fell asleep on the way there, but was very glad to wake up and see her Daddy. We gave her a cute little hallowwen basket with toys and candy. All in all it was a great day! Happy Halloween Zoe and Everyone!

Ohh... I totally forgot to show off our Halloween Pumpkins! We bought a big pumpkin this year, but somehow it got a whole in it and was oozing nastiness, so we had to throw it away! But I bought some little ones and Zoe got one at the Pumpkin Patch with Zam. So we had 4 pumpkins and one BIG craft day! Zoe helped alot with painting and decorating our pumpkins. I think we might have to paint pumpkins every year! Here are our pumpkins: (I know it's blurry, sorry)

Nick is the White Ghost, I am the green Witch (of course), Isaiah is the Black vampire and Zoe is the Pink Princess!

I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween!!



Aren't they cute!! Zoe painted the pink and green ones. She also covered the back of the pink one in silver glitter