Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's been awhile... Time to Blog....

So I know that I have been a little lax with the blogging.... So it's time to get everyone up to speed!!!

I celebrate my 27th birthday on April 26th... Yes, I know along time ago... It was a great day! We had lunch at my favorite mexican food restuarant, Chuy's with my family. I received some AWESOME gifts!!! My hubby bought my Twilight, my dad and stepmom got me a great 'Mixer' so I can make/bake wonderful things... I never thought I could love an appliance, but I DO!!! IT's great!!! My mom and stepdad bought me a load of maternity clothes, Thank Goodness, cause my big ole belly wasn't fitting into my regular clothes!!! I got tons of cute outfits!!! my 27th was a great day spent with the ones I love the most! Thanks Guys!!!
I have since been reading the Twilight series and am hooked!!! I have read all four books in less than a month... They are soo good!!!

We had our BIG SONO on the 30th, which I posted a little blog about.... WE ARE HAVING ANOTHER LITTLE GIRL!!! I'm sooo excited!!! I really hoped she would be a girl... I would have been ok either way, but secretly wanted a GIRL!!! She's measuring right on track with my due date, which was 18wk 4days then... But I'm 22wks 4 days now.... :) She is very active and kicks all the time! Nick finally got to feel her kick about a week ago. Zoe is super excited to have a little sister to share a room with!!! Pink, Pink and More Pink!

This is a profile shot... Isn't she cute?!

Zoe is finished with soccer, I think she played 4 games total... the rest were rained out or too cold! But she loved it and made a ton of new friends! She loves her new trophy. We are definitely considering fall soccer, but will have to see what the schedule is like once the new baby comes!

I have been busy creating Cakes!!! I think I have found my second love (after my family)!! I made cupcakes for teacher appreciation week and a cake for my best friends graduation from nursing school...

How'd I do?

Well, that's about all I have for now... I promise to update more often.... I have a doctors appointment and another brief sono, so I'll be sure to update everyone tomorrow!! Till then I hope everyone is well and has been having a great month!!

Take Care,