Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Breaking NEWS!!!!

Zoe has been working very hard all year on tracing all the letters in the alphabet both at home and at school. Her teachers and I think she is Brilliant!!! I'm biased I know... Well today Zoe wanted to write, not trace, WRITE!!! So we grabbed some paper and her big girl pencil and set up at the table. Zoe asked me "Mommy, how do you spell sisters name?" So I spelled it out for her "Ava." (Yes, Baby girl #2's name is Ava, for now) She then said "Ok, go slow," So I said "A" and she wrote an "A". Then I screamed and clapped with joy!! She smiled soo big, she was so proud. And she asked "what letter is next?" So I told her "V and A" and she wrote "V then a little a." I was soo tickled and so was she!!! Then I asked her if she wanted to try to write her name and she said "Sure!" and you know what? SHE DID IT!!! She wrote her name!!!! I'm soo proud of her!!! Here are the pictures I took of her work:

I'm a proud momma!!!