Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pictures of the week

Hey Ya'll!!  Long time no blog!  Life has been soo extremely busy that the blog has been a little neglected.  I actually don't have time to write but I wanted to show off my pretty babies!!

'Love is every where'
When I found out Ava was well, Ava, I was soo excited to be able to dress my two girls alike.  But since she was born I have had NO LUCK finding outfits that matched in the right sizes.  Until today that is... Thank you Target!  I found this top with pink shorts for both of them & they look soo cute!  The shirt says 'Love is every where'

'Looking up on love'
Zoe asked to borrow my camera and this was the result.  We love her and I love this pic. 

'the first half'
This is also a result of the Zoe photo shoot.  She truely has the first half of my heart.

Ava has finally decided to sit up!!!  She has been taking her precious time at hitting all of her milestones.  But I think she is perfect.  My big girl!