Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Year in (Pictures) Review: Goodbye 2009!!

My Year in (Pictures) Review: Goodbye 2009!!

January 2009: Zoe is going to be a big sister!

February 2009: Cyst or Possible missed Twin?!

March 2009: Nick turns 32! & Zoe is a soccer girl! & Spring Break!

April 2009: It’s a GIRL!!! Ava is on her way!

May 2009: No pictures from this month for some reason... hmmm....
June 2009: Zoe writes her name for the first time!!

July 2009: Can you say BEACHED WHALE?
August 2009: A baby shower and tea party!!

September 2009: Ava Cloee Wade is born!

October 2009: Zoe turns 4 & Nick and I celebrate 5 years of marriage! & Ava is one month old!

November 2009: Ava is TWO months old!

December 2009: First Christmas as a Family of 5! Ava is three months old!

As 2009 has come to an end, all I can think about is how grateful I am to have what I have. A wonderful husband, healthy children, my own good health and a good job. This past year hasn’t been easy, actually it’s been extremely hard. But it’s over and I made it through. I hope 2010 turns out as great as 2009 has been. See you all in 2010!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

3 months and no blogging

Has it really been three months since I blogged about, well, anything?! I guess I should catch you up on life from the past 3 months... Or not, If I had time to do that I would have already!! So instead of catch up, I'm going to blog about today!

Today, Ava is THREE MONTHS OLD!! Can you beleive it?

She is a 1/4 of a year old. She has grown soo much and has really stolen all of our hearts!She weighs 12lbs some odd ounces. She still has BEAUTIFUL blue eyes!! (and the Dr. thinks they will stay blue!) See:

She is super long.
She absolutely HATES tummy time!
She has recently discovered her hands and how yummy they are. She has also discovered her voice and how to growl!!
Ava caught her first cold last week and had to miss two days of school. But the dr. said it was just a virus and we have to - BLECK!! The three words a mother never wants to hear. She is starting to feel better. She is such a good baby. She usually goes to bed around 9:30-10:00pm and sleeps until 6am. Granted she may wake up around 3am to have a snack. :)

We all love her sooo much and look forward to watching her continue to grow and learn!