Saturday, May 15, 2010


This picture is of Zoe's soccer medal.  The Firecrackers played their last scheduled game today.  They did soo well.  We had a little party after the game and everyone had fun! 

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hey Everyone!! What’s going on?! Have you been enjoying these beautiful Texas weekends?

We are doing well, thank you for asking! I can gladly say that everyone in my household is healthy and happy!! In the past 2 months, we have had a sinus infection, strep throat (twice), an upper respiratory infection and TERRIBLE allergies. All of which have resulted in 4 trips to the doctor, not including Ava’s 6mth well child, 3 antibiotics, 2 decongestants, 3 cranky girls, 4 goopy & gunky & watery eyes, 4 missed days of school/work and one big disinfecting cleaning session.

Ok, where to start with the catch up…

Ava turned 6 and 7 months old!!!  She is 16lbs and 27 1/3 inches tall. She has learned to hold her own bottle and sit unassisted!!! She eats baby food three times a day. She loves the taste of cinnamon rolls, cheetos (Thanks to Daddy!) and ice cream. She loves to cuddle and give kisses. She still doesn't sleep through the night. She has the biggest wide mouth smile, it’s contagious! She loves her sister, she loves to grab her face & her hair & keep her really close. Don’t worry Zoe doesn’t mind it to much!  She still doesn't have any teeth, though she's been teething for months. Ava has also started splashing BIG time in the bath tub. She loves when mommy gets the water good & warm then she starts thrashing around like a crazy child!!! Ava has recently discovered her ‘Around We Go’ and LOVES to growl at the Lion! It’s truly too funny. She is such a joy! I <3 her!

Zoe is four going on 13…(notice no exclaimation points)  She is growing in to such a little lady and it makes me sad. :( My Baby is a big girl. She is smart & funny. She asks some of the best questions and when you answer she has another question ready about the answer. She is ready to start school, she tells me all the time about how she wants to be an ‘after-schooler.’ She can count to ten in spanigh. She can add any numbers under ten. She is SASSY and can get an attitude with the best of them. She is learning about listening and doing what you’re told when you’re told. She is beautiful outside and in.  She recently CUT HER OWN HAIR which resulted in a major hair cut! She has started playing soccer again this year. She is really good, when she plays. This year mommy and daddy are coaching so it’s harder for her to share our attention. But she’s doing good.  I love my little lady.

(not the best pic, sorry)

Nick is busy with work, both places are picking up.  I think he is really enjoying being able to coach Zoe's soccer team.  He's soo good with kids.  & Zoe loves the extra time with Daddy.

I am busy as usual!  Celebrated my 28th birthday in April.  I coach Zoe's games on Saturdays, which is alot of fun!  The kids are great.  I am staying busy with work and the girls.  I am making a Jimmy Buffet Cake this month & will be doing a bridal shower cake this summer, which I'm super excited about!!  Other than that, everything is status quo. 

I hope to update more regularly but we will see how that goes...:)

Take Care,