Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summer Days

So yesterday I was in the mddle of cooking dinner, Taco/Tostadas/Nacho Night! When I noticed the house had suddenly fallen silent. My house hasn't been this silent in 3 years!!! So, I checked the whole house & Nick, Isaiah and Zoe were nowhere to be found. Then I noticed the front door was open, (which I should have noticed sooner, as I had to walk by it to get to the rest of the house, but that's besides the point) Those little stinkers snuck out and decided to ride bikes with out me!!! So you know what I did?!? I got my camera and shot a few pics of them in action:

This is the standard Isaiah face for pictures... But Look how big he is!

Zoe got this bike for her b-day last year and couldn't ride it without help... But look at her now...

Then Nick had to get in on the riding action and do tricks for the kids...

She's prissy even when it's 100 degrees....
Just wanted to share a little bit of our summer.

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

WARNING: This blog may be long, as I have not updated in quite a while.

I don’t know what it is about summer, but it seems that we are ALWAYS busy. Life in general with kids is busy, but throw summer in the mix, that makes for one tired mommy!

Isaiah is up from San Antonio for the summer. He is growing up so fast! He just recently graduated from the 5th grade… We are now the proud parents of a 6th grader!!!! He is going to a summer camp in GP. He likes to spend time with his dad at the tattoo shop and hanging with his friend Sammy.
Zoe is getting soo big! She is thoroughly enjoying her summer with her ‘bubba’ here. I think she is driving him crazy, but she loves him! She just recently was moved to the 3year old room! She calls it the ‘Big Girls Room’. She now gets to participate in the extra activities that the ‘Big Kids’ do. Everyday, she comes home with something NEW that she has made just for me! I’m such a proud momma!

Zoe grew this plant all by herself.
Her smile makes my heart melt!

We have been spending a lot of time playing in the pool, going to movies, blowing bubbles, playing outside and being together as a family. Zoe has become a little fish! Last summer, we couldn’t get her near a pool. This summer, we can’t get her out!!! Isaiah has mastered the handstand and headstand and is now learning how to dive (without a belly flop) and do a front flip into the pool.
Nick and I are doing good. Busy being parents. Nick is still at North Texas HD (day) and Death or Glory Tattoo Shop (some nights). He is much happier than he was at Longhorn HD in Grand Prairie. He loves having both kids here with him. He has become the ‘monster’ and everyday when he gets home from work Zoe and Isaiah run and hide from the ‘monster’ then Nick of course chases both of them around the house!!! I am still at UT Southwestern in Transplant. I was just recently promoted to ‘scheduling coordinator’ in May. I am basically doing the same thing I was, but now I’m getting paid for what I do. I love being able to get off work at a decent hour and spend time with my family without having to rush to get everything done.

It is sad though that summer is almost over. As busy as we are, I hate to see it end. I love watching the kids laugh, sing, play, swim, fight, paint and blow bubbles. I guess that’s just the mommy in me, sentimental and such.

I promise to update more frequently… ok well I will try to atleast…

Take Care. Always.

Hanging In the Backyardagain!

Here are some random pics from Zoe and I playing the in backyard, or as Zoe likes to say ‘backyardagain’.