Sunday, January 25, 2009

The cat is out of the bag.. Or it's in the oven!!!

So, I have been dying to tell the WHOLE world, that Nick and I are going to have another BABY!! That's right Zoe's going to be a big sister!!

I found out I am pregnant on Friday, January 16th, but decided no to tell everyone until we told our families. Well, the cat is out of the Bag! I told my mom and dad this past weekend! How did I tell them you ask? Well, I didn't, Zoe did!

When asked "Who are you a big sister to?" Zoe answered, " The Baby in Mommy's belly!" So cute!!! Everyone is excited! I think they are ready for another little one around.
I have my first ob/gyn appointment on Friday, February 13th. I will definately post the sono pics then. I'm soo EXCITED!!! I will keep everyone posted of course! I plan to take side view pictures monthly and will post them for everyone to see!
I hope everyone had a great weekend!!