Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tackle It Tuesday!!

Today is Tackle it Tuesday and my list is rather long!!  I've really got ALOT on my plate today. Here is my list:

1.  Drink alot of Coffee!
2.  Make funny faces with Zoe
3.  Cuddle with a special one year old
4.  Watch some movies with Zoe

5.  Spend some time in the sun with my two favorite girls
6.  Play dress up

(I will be finishing the laundry and doing my normal daily tasks, but today is about the girls and quality time)

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!


Monday, May 16, 2011

My Happy House Challenge!

I really like doing this challenge and posting about it.  I feel so accomplished doing the littlest things. 

Here are my challenge stats so far:

1. Make the Bed - 7/7

2. Empty the Sink - 7/7

3. Clear the Clutter - 5/7

4. Sweep the Kitchen Floor - 1/7  I really dislike sweeping.  but I did vaccum 4 times this week, does that count?

5. Sort the Mail! - 6/6 (I'm going ahead and giving myself credit for this.  I do this EVERYDAY because I really dislike paper clutter too.)

Make sure to keep am I out of my T.I.T post that is coming up.  It's going to be great!

Have a great week!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tackle It Tuesday aka T.I.T :)

So today is Tackle it Tuesday and I'm pooped!!  My list always seems to be soo long and I always have to trim it down, but for some reason I pick the hardest things to do and am EXTREMELY tired by the end of the day.  Plus I have to do most of my TIT chores during naptime or while the girls are making a mess in their room. But I did get it done.  Here's my list of TIT todos:  (No pics this time around)

1.  Laundry.  (W.F.P A)  DONE
2.  Cook and prep HCG meals for the week for Nick and I.  DONE

3.  Clean the Master and guest bathrooms  DONE

4.  Clean the girls bedroom (a tornado hit it!!)   DONE
5.  Sweep the floors  Not Done :(

I was able to get everything done except the floors.  I was hoping to do it after everyone went to bed and the dog was asleep but Zoe is sitting here looking at me and Beezus is jumping all over the place.  Yea, so maybe tomorrow? 

I hope everyone had a great Tuesday! 


My Happy House Challenge

I meant to post about my, My Happy House Challenge yesterday, but since I didn't sleep AT ALL after work and had to finish my final, I put it off until today.  I know ya'll are DYING to know how I did.  Well here you go:

1. Make Your Bed!  7 out of 7 days!!
2. Empty the Sink! 7 out of 7 days!!
3. Clear the Clutter! 5 out of 7 days!!
4. Sweep the Kitchen Floor! (In progress)

I hope I am able to get the floors swept.  I am not a big fan of sweeping.   Have a great rest of the week!!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tackle it Tuesday!

Guess what today is?? That's right, it's Tackle it Tuesday. I have a hefty little todo list for this fine Tuesday.  Check it out:

1.  Laundry - Wash.Fold.Put Away (pic below)

I do laundry once a week which is why it appears that we have tons.  I didn't take an after pictures because there really wasn't anything to take pictures of.  Empty baskets maybe? No.  (and my batteries died in me camera)

2.  Pay Bills (Sorry no pics)

Since it was the beginning of the month I had to pay bills or get them set up to be paid.  This process is more time comsuming than anything, but I have to do it.  I organize all the bills by date, update our monthy calendar then pay them all online.  I also shred the last months bills when I'm done. (see pic below)

3.  Shred paper

I was originally just going to shred my bills but I decided to take this one a step further and clean out our filing cabinet and shred all the OLD documents we've been hoarding away for 8 years. What you don't keep all of your old insurance EOBs for 8 years? Just me? Oh. I also reorganized the cabinet to be more me friendly. (see why the day ended up being to busy & me so tired?)

4.  Clean living room
This is our living room on a daily basis.  I don't always clean it but today I have to.  I was going CRAZY!!  I decided to label everything that doesn't belong in the lving room.  Needless to say after I cleaned this room spotless it was cluttered with stuff withing 30 minutes.  I should have taken a picture so I could remember what it looked like :(

5.  Make meals for tomorrow

Since Nick and I are on the HCG diet together, We I have to make sure to cook almost all of our meals everyday.  Today I cooked 3 servings of buffalo chicken, 2 servings of asparagus, 1 serving of green beans and 1 serving of shrimp.  It's not alot but I was still work. & I do it EVERYDAY!!

6.  Do final for class

I didn't get this done. I have until the 9th.  Maybe I will start tomorrow.  :)

That was my Tackle it Tuesday.  I think 5/6 isn't bad.   Have a good night!


Monday, May 2, 2011

My Happy House

I have decided to participate in the My Happy House: 10 week Happy House Challenge.  What does that mean you ask?  Well, for 10 weeks I will complete one task everyday for a week.  Here is the list of the tasks I will do weekly and how I have done so far.

1. Make Your Bed!  (7 out of 7 day complete)
2. Empty the Sink!  (7 out of 7 day complete)

3. Clear the Clutter!  (in process)
4. Sweep the Kitchen Floor!
5. Sort the Mail!
6. Spray Your Shower!
7. Write It Down!
8. Organize Your Outerwear!
9. Clean the Counters!
10. Relax & Enjoy Your Clean House!

Hopefully, I can follow through with the challenge and not get lazy mid way through.  Are you up for the challenge?

Wish me luck!