Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lack of update but not lack of activity!

OK, where to start? 

KIDS.  All are doing great! Zoe is losing her first tooth and is super excited. Ava has gotten 6 teeth in a month.  Isaiah is enjoying his summer playing video games and hanging out.  They are all keeping Mommy extremely busy and having fun!

HUSBAND.  Great.  Busy with work & kids & wife.  You know, the usual.  He recently did some t-shirt designs for a friends custom helmet design business. He did a great job.  My hubby is soo talented.

WORK. Well, I am no longer with UTSW.  My last day was Friday.  I have accepted a position at BUMC as a room control coordinator.  I will be working F-Su nights here shortly. 

FAMILY.  Mom and Shane are good.  Busy as usual.  Dad and Suzanne are also good.  They are spending alot of time at the lake on the boat and so are we!  Jason is good.  He will be deploying soon, really soon.  Please keep him and his girls in your thoughts and prayers.  Matt is Matt.  He's getting ready to start his Freshman year @ UTD and is very excited.

ME.  Well, I'm me.  Super Mom & Wife, sorta. (I prance around the house in my cape, Does that count?)  I'm enjoying my life, all of the ups and downs and in betweens.  They are all mine.  The past couple of months haven't been easy, but I/we are getting through them.  I am enjoying my summer, could do with out the heat, but this is Texas.

RESOLUTIONS. I have decided to make new ones.  I think I was an over achiever with the first set and these are more realistic and obtainable. Here they are: ( TA-DA!)

1.  I will love genuinely and whole heartedly. 
2.  I will not give up easily.
3.  I will go back to school. (Spring of 2011, but I'm going work on making it happen)
4.  I will take some 'me' time.
5.  I will be here for those who need me.  (family, friends & the not-friends)
6.  I will find a church home.

I will update soon with pics and such.  Good Night!