Friday, July 24, 2009

Nesting and Obsessing!!!

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while, things have been really busy around the Wade household. I am doing good! I am almost 31 weeks and feeling/looking every bit of it!!! I am starting to nest, which drives me crazy!! I want to have everything planned and ready to go!! I want everything DONE NOW!!!
So I’ve decided to make a list of everything I can think of that needs to be done. … So here it is….

To Do before the Baby is Born List
  1. Register for Baby @ Babies R Us - DONE!
  2. Register for Sibling Class @ Baylor Irving - DONE!
  3. Pre-Register for delivery at hospital - DONE!
  4. Finish stripping Zoe headboard and footboard - DONE!
  5. Order bedding for Zoe and Ava’s room
  6. Make (Sew) rocking chair cover and seat cushion to match bedding
  7. Buy bunkbed for Isaiah’s room
  8. Swap Isaiah and the girls rooms
  9. Buy extra dining room chair - DONE!
  10. Organize Zoe’s dresser
  11. Wash Boppy pillow - DONE!
  12. Wash Carseat liner- DONE!
  13. Wash Basinet bedding
  14. Set up the bassinet
  15. Get breast pump and playpen from friend
  16. Pack my bag for hospital
  17. Pack diaper bag and baby’s stuff for hospital
  18. DEEP clean the house!!!
  19. Clean out freezer in garage to make room for milk
  20. Cook a few meals that ‘freeze beautifully’ so I don’t have to cook after baby is born
  21. Plan Zoe’s 4th b-day (I know, I know!)

I know there will be more added to this list, but this is all I have for now… You think it’s to much?

Short Family update:

Zoe is great!!! She is enjoying spending her summer with her bubba and is learning how to swim!! Isaiah is also doing great, he has been going to summer camp and tormenting his little sister! Nick and I are status quo, nothing new with us, just busy with work, the kids and getting ready for Ava!! (Of course I’m driving Nick crazy with all my NESTING talk, but oh well!!)

I will update more about our summer when I can think about something else besides my to do list!!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!