Monday, October 31, 2011

Menu Plan 10/31 - 11/6

I sorta took this past week off from doing ANYTHING!  I meant to blog but just couldn't get to the computer for the sake of me.  We ate out alot this week and had sandwiches, there really wasn't a planned menu.  BUT this week there will be and here it is:

Monday:  Chicken Spaghetti (whole wheat pasta, veggie pasta sauce and chicken)
Tuesday: Pork chops & mashed potatoes
Wednesday: Eat Out or breakfast for dinner
Thursday: Grilled Cheese Sammies
Friday:  Chicken Tortilla Soup
Saturday:  Steak & Veggies
Sunday: Salad (Nothing special, No cooking done on Sundays by me)

It's nothing extravagant but it works.  I will update on Sunday on how well we stuck to the plan and post the menu for next week. 


Saturday, October 22, 2011

6 years old. Really?!

You're my Honeybunch, Sugarplum
Pumpy-umpy-umpkin, You're my Sweetie Pie
You're my Cuppycake, Gumdrop
Snoogums-Boogums, You're the Apple of my Eye
And I love you so and I want you to know
That I'll always be right here
And I love to sing sweet songs to you
Because you are so dear!

Dear Zoe,

Wow, I can't believe how fast time has gone by.  It feels like just yesterday you were swaddled tightly in my arms and I was singing sweet songs to you.  This year has been a busy year for you ( & me).  You have grown and changed by leaps and bounds.  You started kindergarten and love it.  You are so smart and curious. There is no doubt in my mind that you will excel in all that you put your mind to.  You are sassy and stubborn.  You have a fire in your eye that makes me smile.  You love to sing and dance to pretty much anything. You are such a beautiful little girl.  Your heart and soul are full of love for all things.  Your daddy is still one of your favorite people (second to me of course :).  You and Ava love to attack him as soon as he walks in, you've done that since you were little.  Ava loves you more than you will ever know.  Thank you for being her best friend and best di-da.  You are so special to me Zoe Maryn.  Because of you I am me, I am your mommy.   You have filled my world with so much joy.  I love you to the moon and back, with both hands and feet.  Happy 6th birthday Zoe!


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Meal Plan for 10/17-10/23

My meal plan for this week is SUPER easy and kid friendly.  Since I don't have to cook 'adult' meals because Nick isn't going to be eating with us (Mon-Thurs), I am taking a break and keeping meals simple and EASY!! 

Monday - Breakfast for dinner (I usually make eggs with cheese and ham)

Tuesday - Nuggets and green beans

Wednesday - Chili Mac (really, It's just Mac with ground turkey)

Thursday - Cilantro Lime Shrimp Tacos (I'm making this recipe, putting it in corn tortilla, topping with shredded lettuce and cheese.  Very yummy!)

Friday - Beef Tips with Rice

Saturday - It is Zoe's 6th birthday and party.  We will be bowling, eating pizza and going to the Fair.  No Cooking for me!!!

Sunday - Our 7th anniversary.  We are going out to eat for dinner, I hope.  Again, No cooking for me!!

Well, that is the plan for the week!!  I will let you know how well we stick to it when I update next Sunday! 

Have a great week!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Meal Planning Sundays!!

Meal planning is something that I try really hard to stay on top of, however it is really easy for me to just drive thru somewhere.  SOOO, I have decided that I need to add meal planning to my weekly schedule of things to do and what better day to plan than on Sundays?  I know, genuis right?!  And yes, I know it's Saturday but since I mentioned meal planning in my T.I.T. post earlier this week I figured I would post the plan for this week.

Monday - Turkey Burgers w/ waffle fries  (nothing fancy on mondays cause this momma is TIRED!!)

Tuesday - Creamy Baked Ziti (The kids loved this one & it was super easy to make)

Wednesday - Leftovers

Thursday - Dirty rice with turkey sausage & ground beef  (I cheated on making my dirty rice, it's from a box.  I made the rice and cooked the meats then combined. The kids and Nick loved this one too)

Friday - Taco Lasagna (I'm not sure if the kids liked this one & It was a little more time consuming to make.  It may not make the cut for the recipe rotation.  I will see what the left overs are like to determine if it will be made again)

Saturday - Steak and Veggies (Another easy night, as momma has to work and I need quick and easy)

Sunday - FEND FOR YOURSELF DAY (Momma gets off easy on Sundays.  I have to be @ work by 5:45p and we usually eat at 6:30.  So, I usually gets something for myself and the family fends for themselves.  Hence: fend for yourself day)

I have the menu plan for next week done, but will have to revamp it and will be posting it on Sunday.  Nick will not be available for dinner M-Th, so I will be making easy, kid friendly favs.  Keep an eye out for it Sunday!!

If you have any recipes or ideas you think I should try out please feel free to comment me!!  I love new recipes.   


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tackle It Tuesday aka T.I.T :)

I haven’t done a T.I.T. post in a while, I have still been tackling my stuff but just not posting about it, I think today is a good day to pick back up with posting. I’ve actually got A LOT to tackle today, so let’s get started, shall we?

1. Meal plan for the week (lunchs and dinners)
2. Grocery shop
3. Make lunches for Zoe and Nick for the week.
4. Laundry (Wash, fold & put away)
5. Clean the kitchen
6. Plan and Write a few blogs. 
7. Vacuum
8. Sweep and Mop the floors

I don’t have any pictures, sorry. So I’ll leave you with this adoreable face.

isn't she too cute when she's grumpy?

Check back tomorrow to see how I did on my list of T.I.T. items!

Have a Good Tuesday!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I'm Bored Jar

Zoe is always BORED.  How that is possible I'm not sure but I'm tired of hearing "Mom, I'm bored!"  So I decided to google "activites to CURE my childs boredom" or something along those words and came across this idea from this blog.  (one of my new favorites, btw!)  When I saw this idea I knew I had to do it.  I made an activities can and a bank. I had all the materials on hand and during naptime today, it was done! 

1.  Materials - Cookie tin (activities can) & peanut butter jar (bank)
yellow paper (the tin is already cover with the paper in the pic)
hot glue
tape (I only had packing tape)
 ribbon (or lace-y ribbon in my case)
paper cutter
the printables from Skippy to my Lou
(you have to click on the images and print them, I resized mine in Word to make sure they fit my can and jar)
2.  All of the boredom busting activities cut up and folded in the tin
3.  The finished product (I don't like the lace-y ribbon, it will be replaced)
4.  The 'I'm bored bank and activity can" together side-by-side as one.  :::insert romantic sigh:::

So here's how it works:
Zoe says "Mom, I'm bored", I tell her "I'm sorry your bored would you like to pick from the can?"  If she says "Yes!" she will deposit 5 cents in the bank. & pick an activity from the can.  She must do the activity she picks regardless of what it is, no trading for something better different.  If she chooses not to do the activity she remains bored and she out 5 cents.  She can do up to 5 boredom busters a day.  The boredom busters are not all fun & games, there are some learning/homework type activites & some chores too.  It's all luck of the draw. 

Why do I charge my child 5 cents to pick from the can?  Why not.  She's six five, for 18 more days atleast, she needs to learn about money and how to entertain herself.  If she sees that it will cost her 5 cents everytime she's bored she will learn (hopefully) to find something to do on her own and not be "bored" all the time.  I'm Cruel, huh?  Nah, if you heard "I'm bored" as much as I do you would do the same.  (Besides, she will probably get the 5 cents from me anyways)  When the can is empty, it will be restocked with NEW boredom busters.  The "I'm Bored" bank will not be touched until it is full.  The money will be counted, replaced with cash and put in her savings/piggy bank.  I'm thinking of making a set for the car, cause she's always bored in the car. 

Sound like a good idea?

I'll let y'all know how it goes!