Thursday, September 18, 2008

One Month ago....

One month ago today, my great grandmother passed away. I have been handling it fairly well. (Yay, me!) I did however have a few ‘moments’ that I couldn’t fight back the tears.

Moment #1: I had a dream about great grandma. It wasn’t set in a recent environment, It was sometime in the past. It was a very short dream. We were sitting on the couch and she turned to me and said “Be a good wife, mother and friend. Love your family and be happy.” and that was it. I woke up completely frazzled. I was a mess. But what she said in that dream has stuck with me ever since.

Moment #2: My grandma Ruth gave Zoe great grandma’s twin bed and bedding. Well, the other day I got the bedding out to wash it and I was completely overwhelmed with the fragrance of great grandma. I stood in the garage, frozen. I looked at Nick and said “it smells like Great Grandma.” Instant tears. Needless to say the bedding didn’t get washed that night, and has yet to be washed. I will however wash it before we used it… Just not yet.
Moment #3: I was uploading my pictures from Great Grandma’s viewing and funeral to my computer, and Zoe came over to sit in my lap, as she normally does when I’m on the ‘puter.’ We were looking through some of the pictures (mostly family and flower pics) and we came across this picture: Zoe said “That’s Great Great Grammy” and I said “yes, ma’am it is.” A few seconds past and she said “Where is she??”… I froze. (What am I supposed to say? How do I explain this to her??! Please God, give me the knowledge to explain this to her?!?) She asked again “Where is Great Great Grammy? Is she at her house?” Here’s what I said “No baby, Great Great Grammy is not at home. She is in Heaven with God.” Zoe said “Heaven?!, That is where the rain comes from. Is she playing in the rain?!” (Let the tears begin.) “Yes, baby. She is playing in the rain” Then she dropped it. She hasn’t brought it up since. Wow, that was easy.

I miss her and think about her everyday. It’s hard to not think about her. Like I said in a previous blog, there’s not a memory I have that doesn’t have her in it. She is forever in my heart. I love you MaaMaw!!

I hope everyone has a good day!


Friday, September 12, 2008

Story Time with Zoe

Everynight before Zoe goes to bed, we either read a book or tell bedtime stories. Well, last night was a bedtime story night. I tell my story and she tells me how much she liked the story then says "Ok, I tell you a stowy now." and she tells me a story quite similar to the one I told her. So here is my little reinactment of the story telling time.

My story:
Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess who was turing 3 in October. (Zoe buts in to say "Just Like me!! Same, Same!!") She had pretty brown hair and eyes. (Zoe said "Just Like me!! Same, Same!!") She also had two parents that love her VERY much, they are the King and the Queen of the castle. The princess was growing to be such a BIG girl! (Zoe said "I'm a Big Girl too!!") She was completely potty trained and didn't pee-pee in her panties at night. (Zoe said "Uh Oh... I pee-peed the odder night, not Same, Same.") The Princess was very smart and was learning everything she could at school. She really liked school. (Zoe said "I love school") The princess loved to read and tell stories at bedtime and never gave her mother, the queen, any trouble when it was time to go to bed. (Zoe said "B End") (my story ended there)

Zoe's story:
(during story time Zoe is holding her little hands together like a book and opening and closing them.)
Once a time, there was a witch, with a green face, and pink hair, with lots of sprinkles, and glass slippers. (I then asked "is this a witch or a princess?") Ohh, this is a princess. She loved her mommy and daddy berry much and was a big girl and she pee-peed on the potty. B End.

Hilarious. She is sooo cute!! I got most of this on camera and will post the video another day. I love story time with Zoe. I don't feel like my night is complete if I don't put her to bed and tell stories.