Friday, February 27, 2009

My creation....

So today was my boss' work baby shower, they aren't going to find out what they are having until it is born. So we threw them a 'Gender Neutral' shower... with a Chocolate brown, green and yellow color scheme.. and I decided I would make the cake and matching cupcakes.... Here it is:

Did I do a good job or what?

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I know I promised an update on Friday, but it was all together not such a great day! I guess with it being Friday the 13th I shouldn't have expect any less... So we will start from the beginning...

Nick and I went to my appointment 2/13/09 @ 8:30... I weighed in at... HA HA HA, you must think I'm crazy if you think I'm telling... Let's just say I was a pound over my normal weight. I do the normal pee in a cup thing and get situated to see the dr.. I am going to the same Dr. that deliveried Zoe. He is great, super laid back and I am extremely comfortable with him. So he does the exam and everything looks great - Thanks Doc, I try! Then comes the sono!!! Yay for sono!!! Well, he's doing his deal, he shows us the baby (or the blur of the baby) and the heartbeat... We couldn't heart it, we could only see the little flashing light... and he shows us the yolk sac and the ovaries, blah, blah, blah... Then "Hmmm I wonder what that is?" the doc says... WHAT?!!? You better be able to identify everything in there!!!! (Click on pic to make bigger)

Well, it turns out that I may have a placental cyst in with the baby... "I'm going to send you to a peri-natologist and have a high resolution sonogram to find out what this is. OK?" ---- Well, DUH! I'm not going to have this thing in with my baby!! So the doc leaves and it's just Nick and I in the room and I BREAK down!!! "I don't want there to be anything wrong with my baby!!" Nick of course goes into "Fix it Mode" and reassures me that everything is going to be ok and that we still "have a Peanut!" So, I dry up the tears and get some blood taken... Set my next appointment, again on Friday the 13th... (You think I should change it?), the nurse tells me they will call with the specialist appt. and grab my goodies and go... As soon as I get to the car... I cry!!! I was doing soo good... :(

Well, Nickhad to go to work and I took the day off... I immediately text my best friend, Betzy and call my mom. The two people I know that will research this and find every positive angle possible. Come to find out placental cyst are not the uncommon, 20 % of women who carry full term have them at delivery and almost all are benign. (Sp?) Placental cyst are most come with a 'missed twin'. Twin?! (WTF?) Then there are the few that aren't benign and cause retardation or can cause umbillical asphyxiation! WOW, great day so far!! So, I'm worried sick...
Fast foward to Saturday morning, Happy Valentine's Day!!! Or not! I'm still bummed and Zoe is in super lovey mode, which make me even more bummed cause I'm ruining her Valentine's day! So I decided we needed to eat donuts and have chocolate milk. So, one chocolate sprinkle, chocolate twist, 6 choco sprinkle donut holes, a cinnamon twist and two chocolate milks later... I'm a happy girl and so is she!! (No, I didn't eat all of that, I had the cinnamon twist, 3 donut holes and a chocolate milk, Yes, Zoe ate the rest!!) My dad called to let me know that my step grandmother 'Aunt Sharon' passed away friday evening. (I knew this was coming, but didn't expect it so soon, I will talk about this more later) and as if the weekend could get any worse, he also informed me that my brother (stepbro) Matt's dad had passed away too. WHAT?!?! My brother is only 16 and his dad passed away!! So this official is a terrible weekend!!! (I will talk more about the deaths in a later blog)
So fast forward to this week... I had my appointment with the specialist today!! My mom went with me for support, just incase. We got there early and had to wait a little bit... But they called me back to the room... "Get underdress from the waist down and we will be right back" The sono tech does a transvaginal sono. (did I mention the first was a transvag too?) She quickly identifies the baby and the heartbeat. We actually go to hear it this time... fast beating little booger... heart rate of 163... The baby measured in at a whole 1.71 cm!!!! lol. Then she starts looking at everything else.. my cervix, ovaries, the cyst on the ovary, (I knew about it) and then the placental cyst... She said at first glimpse she thought it was a missed twin, she also said that there isn't any blood flow to it, which I guess is a good sign. She took 18 pics, 3 of which were mine to keep! I am 8 weeks and one day preggo! I get re-dressed and the doctor comes in and does a regular sono... He said that in his expert opinion and based on the sono, that the tissue (no longer calling it placental cyst) at question is a 'missed twin'. He said that given the size of the sac compared to the size of the sac that is holding my baby, he thinks that the twin just never developed in the early gestational stage... in other words, my body tried to create two babies, but only one developed. He also said that the tissue will not harm the baby and should stay put until I'm full term. He said that I shouldn't miscarry the tissue and everything should be ok... He did say that I needed to return for another sono in 10-12 weeks! So, I scheduled my next appointment and went on my marry way. YAY for no more worries about placental cyst!!
So here are a few pics from today:

I hope everyone has a great rest of the week!! I will blog another one later!!!