Saturday, December 31, 2011

Jingle Bell Run 2011 (5K #2!!)

I am officially addicted to running.  I love it.  & I love participating in 5ks.  As soon as we finished the Turkey Trot, I immediately started planning my next run.  The Jingle Bell Run!!  So on Dec 21, 2011, I did my second 5K!!  It was at night and it was cold. However, the atmosphere was great.   I am definitely going to have to learn how to be a better cold weather runner. 

Me, Mom and my friend Traci (before)

Don't we look HOT in our festive socks?!  (before)

Me, Mom and Traci (after)

Our route and my time.

 I completed 3.15 miles in 36:29 minutes.  Mile one completed in 11:24 mins, mile 2 in 11:56 mins, Mile 3 in 11:29 mins. Averaging 11:35 minutes per mile. 

It felt great to complete my second 5K in 2011.  I hope to continue to do them in 2012!!



Bradshaw's Buzz said...

What app is that? I'm starting to run, although give me tips on when you have the time?! With night shift and kid(s) + a life it's hard. Help - you can do it, so I should, right. . . ?! LOL

The Ziebarth Family said...

This was so much fun!!! We definitely need to plan a Spring run together!!!

Can I get these pictures so I can do a similar post??? :)